Top 5 Podcasts – If You Loved Serial

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Serial was a binge-worthy podcast that re-examined the facts of a murder case raising questions about what ultimately happened to high school senior Hae Min Lee. I love true crime and have compiled a list of my favorite podcasts that are well produced, focus on a single crime, raise questions about the original investigation, and will keep you up ’til 2 AM thinking “I’ll listen to just one more episode.”

In the DarkIn the Dark

Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped while biking home with a few friends on a summer evening before the sun had even set, in plain sight of neighbors. The podcast looks at how the initial response to the crime failed the victim and his family. This case ultimately lead to the creation of the national sex offender registry.


Elizabeth Andes was a young woman murdered in her apartment and her boyfriend confessed to the crime. He later recanted the confession but two juries have found him guilty. This podcast explores other possibilities that could have happened that night.

Someone Knows SomethingSomeone Knows Something

On afternoon, five year old Adrien McNaughton went fishing with his family, he lost interest in fishing, walked up a short path back to the family car, and has not been seen since. The podcast explores specifics of the disappearance. I can honestly say that Season 2 is just as interesting as Season 1.

Up and VanishedUp and Vanished

Tara Grinstead was a high school history teacher who disappeared from her house on summer night. Her care was still in her driveway, her cell phone was still plugged in on her nightstand and she has never been found. This podcast is a roller coaster and will suck you in faster than any other podcast.


In the 1960’s, 13 crimes in Boston were attributed to the Boston Strangler. Stranglers dive into the the crimes, trial, and conviction of the Boston Stranger, challenging the accuracy of the original investigation.

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