Juliette Has a Gun – Anyway – Review

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In a few words:
A unique, subtle everyday fragrance.

Anyway by Juliette has a Gun has “a simple and original formula. Just fifteen ingredients, going right back to basics, only keeping the best. A blend of musks, woods and citrus notes… comes together in a bright, subtle and persistent trail.  Far from an anonymous scent “Anyway” is a signature fragrance, ready to unite with the feminine as much as the masculine.” Anyway comes is a 1.7 oz bottle and sells for $100.00.

Top notes

Heart notes
Absolu Jasmine

Bottom notes
Famille olfactive
Floral Citrus

The Takeaway

I received this fragrance in my Scentbird subscription and immediately fell in love (it is at the top of my Sephora Wishlist). Anyway smells like a hundred year old library on a college campus. It’s a very cozy scent that smells like musk and leather and old wood. It has a mustiness that reminds me of mornings in a little lake cottage, but it finishes clean and soapy. This truly could become my everyday scent –  I have a very hard time committing to fragrances but Anyway is everything I’ve ever wanted. I have already blown though my first bottle, put it in my queue to get again next month, and am seriously considering buying a full sized bottle.

A wonderful unisex fragrance that is both musky and clean.


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