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Here lies a list of my favorite podcast that teach the most random and interesting things about current events, economics, technology,  business, and absolutely everything in between.

I spend a shameful amount of time listening to podcasts and I love a wide range of genres from true crime to comedy . I love podcasts that are interesting, entertaining, and educational – I feel slightly more accomplished listening to podcasts that teach me something new about the world.

Stuff You Should KnowStuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is eclectic podcast that explains literally everything under the sun in an extremely relatable way. The two hosts are experts on the material and yet casual and conversational. Listening to this podcast is like sitting at your local bar eavesdropping on two friends nerding out over their favorite topic du jour at the next table over. Some great episodes are “How the Hyperloop Will Work”, “How Ketchup Works”, “Do Motivational Speakers Motivate People”, and “What is Ghost Fishing.”

Make Me Smart with Kai and MollyMake Me Smart

Make Me Smart is from the makers of Marketplace and covers business, economics, and culture. Kai and Molly have a great banter and really take the time to discuss and explore topics. Most episodes feature an interview with a leader in their field and the final question is always “What’s something you thought you knew, but later found out you were wrong about?” Some of my favorite episodes have been “Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is not Horsing Around” and “Beware the Nurtured Narrative”.

Planet MoneyPlanet Money

Planet Money was birthed from This American Life’s coverage of the housing market collapse and examines economics in a hands-on way. The reporters learn about off shore banking by setting up their own shell company (Unbelizable Inc.) in “We Set Up an Off Shore Company in a Tax Haven”. And they buy 100 barrels of oil and follow it through the process of getting out of the ground and in to a gas tank in a series starting with “We Buy Oil”. The show truly makes learning about economics entertaining.

Freakonomics RadioFreakonomics Radio

Freakonomics is a wonderful combination of storytelling and teaching economic theories and principles – think This American Life meets Econ 101. Some standout episodes are “Ten Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten”, “Do Boycotts Work”, and “Should We Really Behave Like Economists Say We Do”.

Note to Self

Note to Self

Note to Self examines what it is like to thrive in our modern, technology-filled world. It asks tough questions that challenge the role of technology in our lives. I really loved their program Infomagical, a week long project that helps you reflect on your relationship with technology.

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